Dental Services in Flint, MI

At our family dentistry in Flint, we provide a wide array of services that will meet the needs of everyone. We understand that some people might have reservations about visiting the dentist; however, our customer service has given our practice a reputation for providing reliable and compassionate care. Please check out some of the services that we offer at our practice.

General Dentistry

Most healthcare professionals will say that preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine. It is always easier to prevent a problem from arising than to fix one that is already present. Our general dentistry provides all the routine dental care that people remember from childhood. We can perform routine cleanings that will prevent cavities from forming as well as X-rays to examine the tooth structure beneath the gum surface. Of course, if a problem is present, we have the professional expertise to fix it. We can fill cavities, help patients with gum disease, and make sure that everyone’s questions are answered.


Sometimes, patients can develop severe problems with their overall oral health. Because of genetics, bad luck or poor dental care, patients can end up with an infection in the tooth itself. This can cause severe pain that could potentially spread to other teeth in the mouth or the root itself. This is why we provide professional endodontic care in Flint MI for people who need it. No patient should have to suffer from an infection in a tooth, root or gum. Our oral health professionals are trained to not only clean out an infected tooth but also to ensure that infections do not return down the road.


Most people have heard of gingivitis. It’s not unusual for patients to develop diseases in the gum tissue that can cause significant pain and frustration. Gums may bleed when people floss or brush their teeth, and the loss of gum integrity can spread and damage the tooth structure itself. For people with severe gum disease, we provide expert periodontal care right here in our office. Patients will be placed in the care of well-trained professionals who will walk patients through every step of the process. We even provide dental implants to help patients restore the smile that they know and love.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A person’s smile is an important part of their sense of self-esteem. Patients who have struggled with the aesthetic appearance of their teeth know what it’s like to talk to someone and feel that the other person is staring at their teeth the entire time. We offer orthodontic care, bleach treatments and dental implants that can help patients restore the appearance of their smile. Our cosmetic dentists work hard to stay up to date on the latest treatments available in the field to provide patients with multiple options to reach their desired outcome.

Anyone who is looking for dental services in Flint should reach out to the staff at Lindenbrook Dental Care to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can care for your health, please contact us today.