I’ve had several partial dentures made over many years but none fitting so perfectly like the ones made from the direction of Dr. Kassel and staff. Dr. Kassel and staff listen to the patient then he effectively communicates to the technician what the patient said and that’s why my dentures are perfect, they fit like a glove! See Dr. Kassel, you’ll get a perfect fit, I guarantee it.

– Eula Magby

I love Dr. Kassel and his staff. They use many varied procedures to accommodate for my dental needs and I always come out after unexpectedly smooth procedures very satisfied. I live in Georgia but will definitely be returning to Flint for my dental work here.

– Trevor Verges

The experience I had for implant was amazing, I was nervous at first but with the guidance and support from Dr. Kassel and his team help the procedure to run smoothly, I experience pressure during the procedure but it wasn’t bad. Really the bad part was putting the instrument in my mouth to take a picture of the implant. Dr. Kassel and his team made sure it was position correctly and made adjustments until it was right. I went to the store and bought Motrin and Tylenol. I took pain medicine one time and I was fine, I didn’t need it again. I can say Dr. Kassel and his team did a wonderful job and followed-up with me to make sure I was ok. They walk me through and assure me that I would be fine. They were right and I am glad I had the implant done by Dr. Kassel and his wonderful team.

– Glenda Boyce

Although I’ve been a patient here for years, the service tends to mellow like a fine wine. I happen to be a senior citizen, but I know superior service. This joint keeps me in Flint. I love these folks here and the Doc too.

– C. Murphy, JR

Great Dentist- Great Hygienist-Great Dental Assistants and Helpers. The view from the dental chair is great also

– L.K.K

Got an Implant today. Best experience I have ever had. The work and treatment were outstanding. State of the art equipment and staff as well. The equipment there will actually pin point the exact point where the tooth goes. The staff operator was most impressive with her knowledge of the machine. I am into my third day everything went perfect and no discomfort at all. Beforehand a staff member will go over the complete operation with you. My wait time was only five minutes. So my hat is off to the doctor and his wonderful staff. I could not be more pleased.

– Jack Hallwood

In the past I have encountered dentists that would want to do as little as possible to reach a certain degree of patient satisfaction. However the dental satisfaction was short lived. All that changed when I walked in for my first appointment with Dr. Kassel and his staff. I had a partial flipper in place of the front four teeth that was causing decay/cavities on surrounding teeth. Dr. Kassel and his staff all treated me with respect and kind hearts. By the end of the week I walked out with a temporary bridge that looked amazing. Within a few weeks the permanent bridge was fitted. Looks amazing, Love my new smile and all the work Dr. Kassel and his team did.

– Korrie Meyers

Dr. Larry Kassel performed a root canal in the lower right section of my mouth. I initially was very frighten, however all went well. He ensured that I was both calm and in no pain. His patience and willingness to answer all my questions with thorough explanations really impressed me. For both a kind doctor and very attentive staff I highly recommend this office.

– Victor Draine

It is indeed a great pleasure to tell everyone that after years of going to the dentist, I finally found the office of Dr. Larry Kassel. I feel I am a part of their personal family from the moment I walk in the office until I leave from my appointment. I can smile and let the world know I am a proud patient of Dr. Kassel who looks forward to the professional help I need to keep my “SMILE”. I Love You!!!

– Mary Scott

My experience being at Dr. Kassel office has been a joy for me. He and staff are very nice and special people. I would tell friends and family about his office.

– Margie E. Simpson

I like the customer service. I love the workmanship of the doctor. I just enjoy the service. 5 star service.

– Waynemon Brown

The opportunity and experience to have the care for Dr. Kassel and his nurses is a blessing. I am 61 years old and in all the years that I’ve had dental care it has never in my life or wildest imagination been the quality of care that Dr. Kassel and his nursing staff provides. The nurses make sure all your questions have been answered and that one is comfortable. Dr. Kassel makes sure to offer the best options available for one’s dental health. The environment is very relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful environment with awesome décor, beautiful vibrant color in the pictures, vases and flowers. The colors in the office are beautiful blue/lavender extremely clean. Each patient room is very private with the option of T.V. and panoramic view of beautifully landscaped grounds with trees, birds, squirrels, groundhogs and baby bunnies. Captures the feeling of serenity, peace of the beauty of nature. Dr. Kassel dental care is state of the art. Best care in Genesee Co. as well as the state of Michigan and I thank God I am able to have a better quality of life, and the best quality of care because of Dr. Kassel and his nursing staff. It is a complete quality of care: mind, body, and soul that I know has never been incorporated in one dental office ever before. Dr. Kassel and nurses are brilliant. The care is exceptional! Very excellent! I am truly, honestly privileged to be a patient here.

– Dianne Lee

Feeling very nervous and anxious. I needed four separate procedures done. From entering his office I was greeted with kindness and compassion “A very worthy trait you do not always find in today’s world” upon having my procedures started to the finish I felt like I mattered “not just a number” Dr. Kassel and his staff are very professional and extremely caring and that means “everything” to me.

– Shawn Ostrander

Went in for my implant procedure today everything went very well. Dr. Kassel and staff were very efficient there was just a tiny bit of discomfort, nothing to complain about. Very pleased with the outcome and appreciate the doctor checking on me.

– Mary Hendrix

I told Dr. Kassel today that he is great. I’m trying to get my friends and family to come here. For 10yrs I lived with bad teeth, I was always scared of getting it done. I’ve been to other dentist before and it was like I was getting degraded for my teeth going bad, but since I came here, my experience has been great. He has helped me get my mouth together. I wish I had come here a long time ago. Thank you for everything.

– Wanda Phelps

If I were asked to recommend a great dentist, I would gladly and confidently provide Dr. Kassel’s name. I chose Dr. Kassel when I needed tooth implants, as he is fully trained and experienced in the procedure. He did a fantastic job (not to mention the reasonable cost, as this isn’t covered by my insurance). He recently came to my rescue when I had an abscessed tooth which he saved. I’ve never experienced any pain or discomfort sitting in his chair, which means a lot to patients like myself, who is not too tolerant of pain! Dr. Kassel’s staff is exceptional, from the friendly smile of Dawn at the front desk, to Tiffany, one of his assistants who is courteous and professional. His practice is run smoothly and efficiently and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and care everyone provides. Thank You Dr. Kassel!

– Jayne Bell

When I was ten years old, my parents decided to switch dentists. We came to Dr. Kassel. I have grown up being a patient of Dr. Kassel’s and now my husband and my three kids are all patients of Dr. Kassel’s. Three generations of our family are patients of Dr.Kassel’s. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

-Sharon Gilbert

I came to Dr. Kassel for a third opinion. Two other dentists told me that I needed about $30,000 worth of dental work. Within a few minutes of meeting Dr. Kassel, I knew I made the right choice. Dr. Kassel spent a lot of time doing the exam and talked with me a lot. He explained that there were a number of alternate treatment options and he made sure that I completely understood the pros and cons of each alternative. Well, now I have a beautiful smile and I can eat everything comfortably and I didn’t have to spend anywhere near as much as the two other dentists wanted. Dr. Kassel, and your wonderful, friendly staff, thank you so much! You have given me a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile and I didn’t need to “break the bank” to do it. I will never go to any dentist other than Dr. Kassel. I rate you 5 out of 5 stars!

– Warren Smith

I have been coming to Dr. Kassel for over 20 years. He has always taken great care of me. I have sent all of my family and friends to Dr. Kassel and they all thanked me for recommending him. He is truly a compassionate and caring individual. I plan to be your patient for the next 20 years as well.

– Ronald Schafer

Dr Kassel is the greatest dentist office this side of the Mississippi. They have a hygienist named Kayla who is just awesome. She’s so friendly and does a really great job cleaning teeth. You can tell she loves doing it and she’s super pretty. I might just start coming here 4 times a year instead of just 2.
– Tyler Bowen

Doc is pretty damn cool. I’m pretty terrified if the dentist but he and his staff always go above and beyond to make me feel at ease. Shanno really helped me out why the dentist was out of town and I had chipped a tooth. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. Which is hard to do. Thank you all for your help and caring attitude

– Jason Morris

If you want a painless experience, you found the right dentist! Great, friendly, caring staff. Hours to accommodate any schedule. Nice office and patient care areas. Fast and long lasting pain relief! Great work! Thank You!

– Anna Atkerson

I have been coming to Dr. Kassel for years, it is always a great experience. I have an enormous fear of the dentist and he and his staff always make me feel comfortable. Every time they just get better!

– Jenn Richards

Dr. Kassel surely makes sure your comfort is priority. His office staff is friendly and very helpful.

– Jean Kelenski